About Us - Basic

About MCLi Group

The MCLI group began when two of our founders met. One had been in the IT business for 25 years and the other had been working in corporate sales and contracting for 20 years. Inspired to create a company that they could build together and run the company by the standards that they believed to be important gave birth to the idea of creating MCLi. The Creation of the company actually occurred in a Cinder block home five blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.

We are dedicated to provide high quality products that provide value combined with exceptional customer service.

Our first venture was into LED and Solar Lighting. Every company or institution is faced with finding ways to cut costs, LED and Solar Lighting provides a means to cut costs on a monthly and permanent way. We strive to find cost cutting solutions for each individual customer as no two customers are alike, your needs are not your neighbors needs.

For decades customers have come to both of our founders to find solutions for their business challenges. Our founders are problem solvers with a solution oriented approach. We look forward to solving your challenges with (green) solutions that are of high quality and provide measurable cost savings.